39mm hidden top 3 degree mid conversion
Billet "Revolver" grips Billet Registration Label Holders

5 Degree hidden top 2000 up fxst

5 degree 2001 FXST

This photo shows how hidden top trees are manufactured, fork plugs are mounted accurately on two steps in top tree & held securely in place by 5/8 high tensile socket head cap screw (shcs)

6 Degree 1984-1999 hidden top fxst/80-83 fxwg

5 degree 1982 FXR

2006 up 2 degree fxd wg conversion 40mm thick

6 degree 1993FXST 

*Stainless counter sunk flush top nut
*Strong stainless threaded steering

*Forks clamped correctly with
hidden 7/16 high tensile SHCS

*Stem interference fit in bottom tree
same as HD

*Brake union thread retained as
per HD

*Top tree accurately located on
steps on both top nuts
*H/lite bolt hole countersunk to
hide bolt
*Radiused edges

*Ball milling available
*39, 41 and 49mm hidden top

*Mid/wide/extra wide conversions
all models

*All trees available in any rake or thickness
*Specialising in one offs



2000 xl hidden top mid conversion

Fxst/fxwg trees hidden top & standard

Trees available in any thickness

1992-99 fxd mid conversion

Massive 80 mm thick custom streetfighter



1988-99 xl/fxr 3 degree wg conversion


2004 up xl mid conversion

Optional top mount headlight bracket for conversions

Grooving available

Indicators fitted to order

Fork Brace to suit conversions $176 if ordered with trees

Top tree accurately located on steps on both bearing adjuster nut & stainless top nut. Top nut easily tightened with allan key.